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Strategies to become more effective in your search for the job or career of your dreams.


Thank you for joining us today to  hear about our very successful JOB SEARCH MINISTRY. We are in our 12th year and have successfully worked with over 1,600 individuals in finding the job or career of their choice.
Last year, 111 of our group found jobs/careers in this very challenging  employment market.  This includes 38 of our Veterans who have transitioned back into the workforce.  

Click here to learn about our exciting `AIM' for Jobs' concept that has made this all possible . . .
including the 14 members of our group who have been hired since Jan. 1st of this year.




My new book AIM© for Jobs is available in hard cover, soft cover or as an Ebook. This book was written as a `self help' guide and encourages you to record your own Job Search Plan and Strategy as you move from Step 1 through Step 10.  Each step provides outstanding strategies.

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 In addition to `AIM for Jobs - Your Complete Job Search Plan', we provide:

  • Weekly 2 hour live workshops
  • Access to Crossroads Career' Resources
  • World's largest Job Board
  • Individual `one-on-one Coaching
  • Your Personal `Job Search' Workbook
  • Your `Work Behavioral Profile'
  • Crossroads Career


           BIO . . . CREDENTIALS . . . AIM

Our credentials are simply the 1,600 individuals we have assisted over the past 11 years, plus the 111 we have recently worked with in finding their targeted jobs/careers.  We continue to personally work with those Veterans who have proteced our country and now are facing transition back into the workforce.

Remember, I mentioned that this program was an `Innovative' and `Customized' Job Search Strategy?  The reason is . . . before we begin on the actual process of developing your Strategic Job Search Plan, we must stop and ask ourselves . . . "DO I HAVE `AIM' IN MY HEART?"


              PowerPoint Resume Presentation
              Click here for a 45 page presentation on resumes.          


JOB TIP:  `You need to spend 75 to 80% of your time NETWORKING since 80% of all job openings are HIDDEN and 75% of all jobs will be found through NETWORKING.  THIS JUST MAKES SENSE.
           Lee Savage  Page 57 in `AIM for Jobs'.

I would invite you to review every page to learn about our background, our services and our new 145 page job search book - AIM for Jobs.  You will be glad you did.
God Bless. 

Lee Savage
Job Coach & Author 

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